• NT Bank is a Korean leading lighting system company.
  • We will provide the best quality as a professional company of Mono Track Moving Lighting System and Auto Lift Lighting System of high ceiling construction lighting system and do our best for customers' satisfaction and trust.
  • NT Bank developed a high ceiling construction lighting system, Mono Track Moving Lighting System for the first time in Korea, has domestic and foreign patents and has registered more than 1 development patent annually by excellent technology and continuous R&D.

    「Mono Track Moving Lighting System」 is developed by NT Bank for the first time in the world, has been applied for international patents in USA, Japan, Germany, France, UK, Italy, China etc., got a certificate of NEP(New Excellent Product) from the ministry of Knowledge Economy and were appointed as Government Excellent Products by Public Procurement Service.

    「Mono Track Moving Lighting System」, made for customers' satisfaction and safety which is NT Bank's first priority, can move horizontally and vertically and is an environment-friendly product with economy and efficiency by remote wireless control.

    Furthermore, NT Bank developed convergent, integrated and intelligent high-tech lighting system, based on saving energy and ubiquitous information and communication technology, reaching high tech digital age, and its technology is improved for users to use remote monitor and control function through internet.

    NT Bank will do best to become the world best company that thinks customers' satisfaction first.